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We believe that physical exercise is an essential part of mental and psychological wellbeing, and that participation in team sports is essential for healthy teenagers. The values students develop through participation and competition – commitment, team work, resilience, perseverance, respect, loyalty and integrity – reflect our school values, and help set them up for life. Our sports teams are coached and managed by a combination of professional staff and volunteers.

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 Art and Cultural

Under the umbrella of cultural activities, SMIS promotes creative thinking and artistic expression. The students get the opportunity to showcase their skills in visual as well as performing arts through a variety of programs like competitions, festivals, workshops, and shows. Not only does our art program nurture a passion for a specific art, it also instills an aesthetic sensibility and creativity in them


At SMIS, We love to nurture the gifts and talents our students have, and for our musically inclined students, we provide various activities for different age groups. We have an experienced music family who train children from Class 1 to 5 as a part of the school choir and students from Class 6 to 12 have the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument.

Film & Theatre

One of our latest activities at SMIS is our film course to train and equip students in the art of story telling. The course teaches them the basics of how to go about creating their own films. This curriculum has been developed exclusively for SMIS by industry experts across the globe and it has been designed to teach our students to create for the latest mediums and trends.

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