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Campus Services

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Music 1.jpg

Sport and Exercise 

Our campus has cutting edge sports facilities including a basketball court, a volleyball court, a football field and various other athletic facilities. For our ISC students in class 11 and 12, we have a Crossfit facility with PE teachers. In addition we provide cricket coaching to our students.

Music and Production

Our music room is situated in the ISC block and has various instruments like Acoustic Guitars, Keyboards, acoustic and an electric Drum Kits. Music lessons for all these instruments are provided for our students by our professional and experienced music faculty.

Computer Lab

Our ISCE and State board campus are equipped with computer labs which have 50 computers each. We have a faculty of experienced teachers dedicated to different age groups of students. We have 5 dedicated staff across the campus for computer classes alone.



We have libraries situated in the ICSE and the state block at SMIS. Our libraries can seat up to 50 students at a time and they have a range of reading material including science books, novels, books on history, the arts and culture. We have two librarians on staff at each library.



SMIS has a fleet of 25 buses that shuttle between town limits and the campus and regular intervals. Our buses range from 25 seaters to 50 seaters and bus services are available to all age groups and grades to safely transport our students on time from home to school and back.

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